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Anastasiadate.com has become incredibly well known and for good reasons. From the start, you might think it isn’t anything, however your conventional dating site where you meet outsiders. In any case, upon additional examination, you will see many energizing and one of a kind highlights that make it an exceptional asset for anybody investigating web based dating. This site has a brilliant way to deal with how they treat their clients and how they work their foundation.

Things like repayments and AnastasiaDate.com how they investigate trick claims put them aside. You might feel that any dating business site ought to have those choices, however you would be unfortunately mixed up. Most sites don’t have a cash back strategy, and on the off chance that you experience any sort of maltreatment on the stage, you have no response of activity. On Anastasiadate, the story is cardinally unique. They ensure clients are dealt with reasonably and will go to lengths to work on their practices.



Besides, while making this stage, they were not happy with having the conventional essential instruments most dating sites offer. It is broad to see a live visit, messages, perhaps gifts or some likeness thereof, end of story. On Anastasiadate, they went many advances further by including bunches of channels for Anastasiadate.com  correspondence. Much more noteworthy, the channels fluctuate contingent upon your dispositive. On the off chance that you are utilizing the portable application, you have additional highlights like calls. From the work area site, you can do video calls and solicitation interpreters. Quick version, they blew away what is generally anticipated from a dating stage and made something special.

Obviously, these interesting elements convey a ton of weight, and many individuals who used to utilize different stages are currently happy on the grounds that they tracked down Anastasiadate. As you might have speculated as of now, a huge number of clients sign in each day to utilize this stage. The pool of choices for any client is enormous, and you have amazing hunt devices to assist you with tracking down the AnastasiaDate.com  ideal individuals. This might be one of the most incredible dating sites today.



They adopt a straightforward however viable strategy to executing business. Anastasiadate accepts the assurance of its clients is of the greatest need. In this manner, they have techniques and frameworks to guarantee a great encounter for each individual utilizing the site. This incorporates AnastasiaDate.com unconditional promises for explicit cases and quick response times when they get objections about a profile.

On Anastasiadate, you can track down a wide range of individuals; in any case, a large portion of the stage clients are from European nations. So you will have lots of individuals to meet from the old mainland. Anybody can come and pursue a record; from that point forward, they should pass a straightforward check process. This is to ensure that deceitful profiles don’t flood the site.

They have a great number of clients, which is superb information for anybody utilizing the site. The more individuals are on the stage, the higher your possibilities meeting somebody who matches you. As per their method of tasks, clients get to look at huge number of profiles on Anastasiadate. They can limit their choices by utilizing search apparatuses that can get explicit. With these instruments, you can choose essential credits like age and area and get more careful. Highlights like appearance, side interests, and inclinations can likewise be separated.



Whenever you have found your possible up-and-comers, the gathering is the point at which the tomfoolery starts. The site offers you a plenty of choices for interfacing and meeting individuals. This is one of a handful of the stages that permit you to chat with different clients. That is right; here you have the choice to call your matches. Far better, you can settle on video decisions.

Yet, one of the incredible instruments they offer, discussing calls, is the choice to demand an interpreter. As insane as that might sound, you can request that somebody decipher your discussions with different clients progressively. This is very helpful, particularly in Europe, where there are such countless dialects that it could be trying to convey. You should simply put in the request for an interpreter daily ahead of time, and you can call with anybody in any language.

Obviously, you additionally have the more conventional choices like live talk. Whenever a client is on the web, you can jump in a live visit meeting with that individual and have a great time. You can likewise send messages whenever, regardless of whether the client you are attempting to reach isn’t on the web. Shock reward, Anastasiadate.com gives you the choice to connect an image to your messages for nothing. This is a helpful element that additional dating stages ought to execute. Furthermore, that is the means by which you meet individuals on this site. Simple and clear, find them utilizing the inquiry choices. Pick how you need to convey, and begin collaborating with amazing individuals as you construct connections.



Joining is really simple. The two head ways you can do it is either by connecting your Google account or simply pursuing another record on Anastasiadate. At the point AnastasiaDate.com when you interface your Google account, it will consequently pull your data from that point. That might save you a touch of time, and you can alter any data you need later.

While making a record without any preparation, first you need to fill a structure with your essential data. That incorporates a name, email, secret key, and what your identity is keen on gathering. You can pick that from a drop-down menu. That would be all, your record is naturally created, and you can begin utilizing it.

This is the best chance to add things about yourself; pictures, a portrayal, your side interests, and whatever else you need to share. This data will assist the site with recommending you better up-and-comers and let different clients in on what you are about. This will make the method involved with meeting individuals more productive and wonderful. All things considered, in the event that you give bunches of information, individuals will have a particular initial feeling about you and whether they need to draw in with you.


Shouldn’t something be said about Plan

When you open Anastasiadate.com site, you will see the way unique it is from other dating stages. Most locales simply have an outdated look with lots of text and little pictures; here they adopted another strategy. It has a clear plan that helps you to remember the most recent Google refreshes for their working frameworks. A matrix with immense pictures with only a name and two buttons, so you can speak with that client. Toward the start of that network, the principal square contains your warnings. There, you will see things like messages, calls, the number of clients that are on the web, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Another phenomenal plan choice they took is their “perpetual look over.” This implies that you can continue to look down as long as you need, and Anastasiadate will continue to show you new possibility to meet. This is instinctive and helpful, presently like never before, because of touch screens and new structure factors for PCs.

In the top bar, you will track down two buttons. One will take you to the inquiry page where you can utilize the high level hunt instruments. The subsequent one is marked “My profile,” and it opens a drop-down menu with choices like your record data, settings, and the help page. Furthermore, that is each of the, an oversimplified plan that does everything strikingly effectively. Zero mess and superfluous menus with alternate routes. Exactly what you want for an incredible encounter.



Many accept that verbal exchange is the most ideal sort of exposure, and that is valid. On this stage, you can see that rule in real life. There are such countless cheerful clients composing surveys and educating their companions that it is currently strikingly famous. At the point when you have a pleased crowd, others begin investigating your item. Thus, Anastasiadate has many new genuine clients joining consistently.

This expands the profile quality in light of the fact that the quantity of genuine individuals utilizing the site develops with time. Besides, having such countless European clients likewise makes a difference. Most clients can communicate in English along with a few different dialects. Nonetheless, in particular, they are genuinely keen on gathering individuals, holding, and creating connections. Thus and some more, the profile quality is exceptionally high.


Very much like Anastasiadate.com site, the versatile application is perfect. You can consider it a moderate methodology. There, you have a perfect connection point, all you see is a rundown of individuals that you can call or write to, straightforwardly from the application. At the top, you have a burger menu with additional choices like the inquiry instruments. Close to that, your notices are shown.

Their versatile application offers all the usefulness you have on the site in addition to a wonderful plan and the choice to call different clients. While looking at dating applications, this ought to be set at the top. For their way to deal with plan; ease of use, and adaptability is unequaled.

Evaluating AND Advantages

Anastasiadate.com site works predominantly with credits. That implies that you don’t have a participation according to se, however rather purchase and use credits as you see fit. Those credits can be utilized for any activities on the site. Things like video calls, gifts, and visits will cost you a few credits. Best of all, you pay just for what you use, and you are not binded to a regularly scheduled installment.

There are a few choices for purchasing credit bundles. This changes relying upon occasional deals or extraordinary offers, yet here are the ones you no doubt will see:

  • 20 credits bundle 2.99 USD (15 pennies for each credit) (once offer)
  • 160 credits bundle 96.00 USD (60 pennies for every credit)
  • 1000 credits bundle 400.00 USD (40 pennies for every credit)

HELP and Backing

In the assistance segment, there’s a considerable rundown of points and inquiries to check out. There’s a gathering of the normal issues a client is probably going to experience and how to manage them. The segment is efficient and classified, in addition to they have a quest choice on top for speedy route.

In total agreement, you have a major button to send the group a message in the event that you can’t respond to your inquiry. The group works nonstop to ensure clients partake in an extraordinary encounter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s time to go through a few frequently asked questions about anastasiadate.com dating website. So, let’s keep reading it.

Can I send or receive virtual gifts online at this dating site?

Yes, you can certainly send and receive gifts online. If you want to stand apart from the usual crowd, you are suggested to send virtual gifts to your potential dating woman online.

Do I need to pay for premium dating features or services such as video calls, live chat and phone calls?

Whether you are going to choose live chat or CamShare service, you should always be ready to pay for the same. It’s a fact that premium dating features always come with a price tag.

Is it possible to find fake profiles of European women online?

However, we always try to make this dating platform free from dating scammers or fraud profiles, but still we can guarantee you for the same. It means that you may find fake profiles of European girls or women for dating.

Is it a hookup service?

You can sign up on anastasiadate.com dating site to meet new European girls or women, romance and date with them, but you aren’t supposed to use this platform as a hookup place.

Website: https://www.anastasiadate.com

Contact Email:  [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 (800) 356-3130
Address: 551 5th Avenue, 28th Floor,
New York, NY 10176-2901

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This is by far the worst app

This is by far the worst app. They charge you a monthly fee, they give you 10 credits which they do not tell you, once you’ve used those credits, you have to purchase more, and most “people” on there are FAKE, very robotic response. They keep contacting you so you use all your credits and make you purchase more… this app should be band

A lot of bots, fake profiles, & scammers

A lot of bots, fake profiles, & scammers. I’ve never met a single real person on this app. You’ll get an alert every seconds, someone liked you but that person never viewed your profile before liking you. Then you keep wondering how’s that even possible. When someone sent me a message, I was like yes finally a real person, then someone else sent me the same exact message format, then I realized it was A.I randomly sending me messages from random users I check earlier.

It's awful

I experienced 4 different beautiful women, all of which were the same person. When I called out the first woman, the other would message right away. I would call out the next they would unplug and the other would contact. This is the most ridiculous site to ever be on. It needs to be monitored by the people running the site and watching the ISP for scamming. I would not give money so they would go away. Never join this site. It’s awful.

This site is basically a scam

This site is basically a scam. You pay 30 bucks and when you reach out to someone they can’t reach back out to you free. They have to pay $5.99 to see what I said to them. The young lady did and all I could say was the site sucks. But she wanted to read what I had said to her so she paid the additional fee. Don’t waste your money. It also puts like you answered someone back when you really didn’t

Creepy looking people

I signed up and then cancelled after I started receiving messages from age groups that I am not interested in. Also, some pictures I think were fake. Could not get ahold of customer service and so I tried to cancel online and then they extended out my membership (which was for a month) for 6 months. Don’t sign up. Creepy looking people. Think generally, that is is a scam. Contacting better business bureau today.

This site is awful

This site is awful……I think that every profile is fake. I run the pics on Google Images and 99% of the time it’s a model or a stock photo taken from an ad or a pic stolen from Pinterest. It’s really discouraging and a big waste of time.

This is such a joke

This is such a joke… after they ask you all the questions, they match you with smokers, drinkers and on and on. All the things you said you don’t want. And what about site: most of the people have high school diploma. Not to mention the scams: 2,3 a day! Stay away! These people have 3 subscribers and they rotate them in the match page.

The website is terrible

If I could give no stars I would. There is no filter. Age, location, none of this matters.They just send anyone who is of the opposite sex. And the profile is useless. No important questions are asked, and it wouldn’t matter anyway. The website is terrible. Please don’t bother with this site if you haven’t already signed up. Its basically tone deaf and useless.

Bad customer service

I have been trying to cancel my membership one week after I had got it. I wrote to them never heard from them and have been paying for 8 mths, also they say the membership is 20 dollars but charge you 50 a mth. I have never known such bad customer service and there are hardly any people to choose from. Join tinder instead they don’t charge you as much and there are plenty of people to choose from.

Struggled to give this sit

Struggled to give this sit even one star: no hits, no interest, using the same profile I’d successfully used on other dating sites. Dead-hand arbitrary responses from website administrators. As far as they’re concerned, I signed up for six months (no option to ‘sample’ for a month or so) and I had to wear it. Caveat Emptor, I get it. But if casual memberships are good enough for other dating sites, so too should they be for this website.

It is a joke

The app was working great until all the sudden none of my messages are going through. I can receive them, but now all the guys I was chatting too are accusing me of ignoring them even though I am actively responding. One of them (the one I was most interested in) now blocked me. I am crying. I have emailed their support team daily and there has been no response. Its happening on the website too. It is a joke and apparently they like to make you look like a jerk.

Fake Site and fake pictures!

Fake Site and fake pictures! For the profiles on site, I don’t even know if they’re an active member? Most members do not even respond. For the opposite members that don’t even have to pay, it’s a pretty much a scam. Not even fair. Waste of my money and time!

I'm not very happy

Hi I joined you once then canceled my subscription and then found out that they still took money out of my bank account without my permission and that’s why I think this company is not what it seems to be. I’m not very happy. All I wanted to know is why they took my money even after I canceled my subscription with them.

Unable to cancel contact

Unable to cancel contact, thought I was paying month to month, however they refused to let me cancel within a few days. I emailed them and they agreed to cancel however then a month later I noticed that they were still taking out payments. Now they are demanding $250. besides the monitory aspect of this app, it is a very poor quality app it works not very well with messaging, it’s buggy, the selection of people is very poor as it doesn’t have a widely used platform. Being a 26-year-old male there was only around six people my age in the platform and I live in a busy and populous suburb and part of New South Wales. I have sent multiple emails explaining this however they are not interested. This bunch of con artist work by their marketing on television and on social media, however it is a very poor platform to look for a relationship much more recommended would be a platform like hinge. Especially for younger adults.

It's a great place to be on

When I joined on here I simply put on my profile if you need a lavish life get in touch but need to obey me that’s my condition, and I got girls pulling my leg begging to take them that feeling makes me feel like a king chose a girl which understood exactly what I wanted so I would say it’s a great place to be on.

This site has been very helpful

This site has been very helpful in lonely times.It helped me a lot to stay connected with a partner and kept me busy.Wonderful site it and it does have a very easy and beautiful interface.The best thing about this site was it contains real people and no bots.I highly recommend it to anyone.!Cheers!

Easy to use

Easy to use and suited my personal circumstances at that time. The effort in responding to the questions, and completing the profile, is so worthwhile

Awesome website!

This is a great way to meet a perfect match. I met my partner within one month of joining, have been together just over 4 years and are now engaged to be married.

The best thing i ever did

The best thing i ever did…and found my princess.

Smooth experience.

For me online dating is fantastic option. I like it. I already tried some of platforms, and must say, here are the most adorable girls. For now I don’t think about serious relationship, but have always found a girl with similar interests. Smooth experience.

It was easy

It was easy to set up my profile and I got messages pretty quickly. Seems like there’s a large and diverse user base, which to me is the most important aspect of a dating site. If I become single again, I would definitely use the site again.

This is the best site

You do have to be careful, don’t give out to much about your self. There are some wonderful ladies out there, I found one. This is the best site I have seen. Good luck to all the men.

Total fraud and misleading

Total fraud and misleading

What a waste of time

What a waste of time the likes u people message u back after u connect them and they do not like you. Waste of time sorry but Im gone.

Do not join AnastasiaDate.com

Do not join AnastasiaDate.com.
They send you recommendations that do not fit your preferences : e.g. sending the profile of a smoker, when you’ve said that’s a deal breaker, or sending a profile from Belfast or Scotland, when you’ve said you want to meet a local person.
Most of the profiles do not respond to messages.
‘Smiles’ can be sent free, so that’s what everyone does.

The worse dating site ever

The worse dating site ever ! It’s all about making money, they don’t care about customer.

Fake site

You register and they just charge you If you get someone you cant get there contact details you have to keep chatting through them and you pay more everytime




i searched using my postcode which gave me a list of towns so i choose one and it showed me a load of single girls in my town?? knowing i had never seen any of them i researched using same postcode but picking a different town and yes the same girls had moved towns as well. SCAMMERS! THIS SITE IS A CON, TRY ANOTHER dating site for real profiles

An absolute joke

An absolute joke , I must have had the same women look at my profile 20 times ….then when you say hello they don’t reply but just keep logging on your profile. It’s either a scam or its like being stalked. …I certainly won’t be using anastasiadate again even if you paid me!!!!!!

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