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OkCupid.com is intended to assist with singling people all over the planet track down their accomplice and the ideal sort of relationship. OkCupid.com is one of the main dating sites in the business. The stage is situated in the UK and possessed by NSI Property. OkCupid gives different dating potential open doors to clients overall to assist them with tracking down an accomplice. More than 2.5 million supporters are benefiting of its administrations right now.

OkCupid.com began working in June 2002. The site couldn’t make a ton of buzz until 2016. That was the point at which it got redesigned with new improved highlights. From that point forward, the stage has been acquiring supports regarding crowd, with a functioning month to month client count of 600,000.

OkCupid.com targets giving the best matches according to the inclinations of its clients for various sexual directions. It empowers individuals to meet and collaborate with new neighborhood individuals consistently.



OkCupid.com utilizes a calculation that furnishes its clients with the most reasonable outcomes. A more than adequate measure of data about the clients’ profile permits you to pursue a determined and informed choice with respect to your dating decision. The site has a few elite exceptional highlights that boost the possibilities meeting an ideal accomplice.

Like Book. This is an intriguing matchmaking highlight that shows you an irregular profile with all the important data. It improves on concentrated look. You can like the page and communicate something specific in the event that you need or continue on toward the following one.

Q-Match. Q-Match is short for Test Coordinating. To find more about you, OkCupid.com has planned a particular similarity test. It runs a progression of inquiries in regards to your side interest, interest, way of life decisions, relationship objectives, and responses to a few explicit situations. You need to either concur or contradict every assertion. The more you reply, the more exact the result will be. Furthermore, you can likewise get half off on your exceptional membership by replying to some extent half of the inquiries showed.


OkCupid.com Bolt. It is an extra exceptional element you need to independently buy. It upgrades the profile perceive viability and permits you to secretly peruse profiles of others.

Partner Barney. Partner Barney is the individual/chat bot aide at OkCupid.com.  This element will furnish you with tips, stunts, and some extra guidance in regards to how to prevail in web based dating. The Chabot will consistently remind you about refreshing the things you’ve missed on your profile.

Enlistment – OkCupid.com

The sign-up process is quite simple; as a matter of fact, it barely requires 2-3 minutes to get enrolled on OkCupid. You will be asked to:

  • Give your orientation;
  • Your sexual direction;
  • Email address;
  • Secret key for your record;
  • Postal code.

Then, at that point, you will be provoked to enter the actuation code got on the given email address. When you type it in, you will get enrolled on OkCupid.


Shouldn’t something be said about Plan

OkCupid has an exceptionally easy to use interface with regards to route and making a profile, which is very like Facebook.

You can look for individuals by composing their names in the hunt bar on the dashboard of your profile, or you can search for individuals utilizing various channels, for example, age bunch, distance, hair tone, body type, and so on. Despite the fact that you need to move up to premium to benefit extra administrations of OkCupid, for example,

  • Limitless talking;
  • Admittance to all photographs of a client;
  • Expanded looking;
  • Premium help administrations;
  • Share photographs and recordings in the chatbox.

The redesign page continues springing up, provoking you to overhaul the enrollment. On occasion, it might disturb the exercises on the site. In spite of the fact that OkCupid can in any case find you a match without buying the membership, you should fork out for visiting with your perfect partner.



In the wake of finishing the enrollment cycle, you are diverted to the following page where you can transfer your photos. You really want to make a username alongside a status/bio for your profile. On this page, you will be approached to choose your nationality, body type, and hair tone starting from the drop menu.

When you complete the system, your record will be prepared to utilize, and you can connect with OkCupid individuals.

THE Portable APPLICATION – OkCupid.com

OkCupid has fostered an application for its cell phone clients, yet it is just viable with the iOS stage since the Android variant is yet to be delivered. The application is planned utilizing the site’s notorious blue and white subject. It comprises of similar highlights as the work area form and furthermore has an extremely easy to understand interface.



A 2.5 million-in number client base demonstrates that your information and pictures are protected with OkCupid. To guarantee individual security, they have presented a 3-stage wellbeing mode.

With wellbeing mode switched off, any part can send you messages and collaborate with you. While it is set to the fundamental level, individuals with a decent standing on the site will reach you. Just checked clients can send you messages and reach you in full wellbeing mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not able to find out the profile of my choice?

No need to worry if you are not able to find the right person for your match. Just browse through the profiles and you will find a perfect match for your search.

Is it possible to take a break from the portal?

If you have a busy schedule and not have enough time to browse through the content, don't worry. Whenever you feel ok, you can simply take a break.

Is it possible to put privacy on profile?

Yes. There is an option available in the profile that will help you to put privacy on your profile.

How Okcupid.com works?

OkCupid is probably the best dating site. There is a good percentage of active members on the dating site. You can easily sign up on OkCupid just fill basic information about yourself. After that you need to answer OkCupid's questionnaire that asks about your interest.

Is OkCupid really work?

It depends how you use what they offer. You need to provide correct information about yourself and also provide your interest so they give you perfect match to you.

What are key features of OkCupid?

How OkCupid messaging work?

Is OkCupid premium membership is expensive?

Is OkCupid is totally free?

No, it's not just basic features are Free. Joining and send messages to members are free and some basic features are free. To access the whole app and the website you need to purchase a membership.

What are free services in OkCupid?

OkCupid offers basic free services. These services are Account registration Messaging other users Keeping track of who you like Match searching Participate in Double Take Browse member profiles Use of basic search filters.

What is a cost of A-List Premium Subscription on OkCupid?

What is Cons of OkCupid?

What's the success rate for OkCupid?

It depends on the area as well as age group. OkCupid mainly popular on big cities so small town singles are not success anymore.

Note: OkCupid.com

When you are utilizing this portal. It is a suggestion that you never share your information with any random people until and unless you are comfortable. Sometimes it happens that people utilize your information on their own, and in the end, you consider the portal to be responsible for the same. Therefore, if you don’t want yourself to be part of such a situation, always share your personal details with people whom you can trust easily. If you notice any difficulty or feel like the other person is behaving unknowingly with you. Then just report the same to the help center so that they can remove the profile forever.

Overall, it is right to conclude that OkCupid.com is one of the best portals available for all the users out there who are looking for someone who can understand them in their hard times. There will be no problems throughout after using this online dating portal. The developers have paid attention to the interface of the portal as well. So you will not face any difficulty in breathing through the profiles. If this is happening, then don’t worry, because sometimes this happens due to device incompatibility. Update the software of your device and be ready to browse through this wonderful portal to find out the love of your life. Make your profile and start browsing!

Website: www OkCupid com

Phone Number: +1-214-853-4309

Address: 39 W 14th St Ste 502,
New York NY, 10011

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Same as all the rest reviews it’s a scam

Same as all the rest reviews it’s a scam. Save your money it’s all fake. Leave it to the Latvians and we’re idiots and sad sacks for wanting to believe this crap.

Bots bots bots bots!

Bots bots bots bots! There is no genuine user here! They keep saying they make sure the ‘community is clean’,when am pretty sure they either coded the bots or allowed them from porn websites. Pathetic app! Don’t even think of paying a subscription or installing the app unless you want to chat with bots leading others to porn websites and getting liked every 5 seconds

Full of scammers

This company I thought was legit is full of scammers. I contacted my bank & got a full refund, no questions asked. My bank knows they are a scam. Fake profiles & people who are dead still on their website, what a joke. Thanks for my money back for your fraudulent website.

I won't waste my money again

On numerous occasions I have not been able to send messages. I click on the icon but message doesn’t send. I have emailed the company to report but have never received a satisfactory answer as the problem still exists. I have called but I apparently get put on hold as music just plays and plays and plays! No one ever answers and my problem never gets corrected. I won’t waste my money again. Starting my 4th month and no correction to the problem.

Disgusting and probably a total scam

If there was a negative number that’s what I would rate this site. I called the customer service number and they hung up on me twice. Once I was told that I had called the wrong number( false) and once the man who answered asked me why I wanted to cancel because” I sounded so beautiful “… disgusting and probably a total scam

This site really was a huge waste of money.

This site really was a huge waste of money. Despite setting up my profile as wanting only local, I only received potential matches from people far away. I constantly was getting a notice to beware they were investigating someone who contacted me as suspicious. It seemed most people on the site were not actually real. The few people I interacted with had the same experience. This site was a HUGE waste of my money and time. Do not waste your time!


This is a scam which posts fake or disturbing profiles & you have no way of browsing! They only let you see the profiles they select! IT’S TERRIBLE, DON’T JOIN THIS!

Don't waste your time and money

Fake profile, site app dose not work. A lot of The men are not real, they kept trying to match me with men from other countries. The free sites are way better. Don’t waste your time and money on this site.

So many fakes

So many fakes, scammers and catfish on this site! Not to mention this site want you to pay for a membership so in their wisdom they heavily restrict what you can use for free. Not sure how that inspires me to want to buy a membership!

DO not sign up for this nonsense.

DO not sign up for this nonsense. Do not waste your time. A friend signed me up for a 12-month plan. Cancelled within the 3 day trial period. Inaccurate cancellation policy stating I have to pay the remaining 11-month installments because the cancellation policy does not apply in my country. Cancelled PayPal direct debit then started receiving emails from collection house LTD. Paid the outstanding balance after sending numerous compliance emails of proof and evidence … asked to speak to CEO or someone more in charge of customer service at E harmony. No reply or response. Now paid for a 12-month service that I never have or intend on using.

It's too frustrating

I have found this application most annoying to use. I was in the midst of some conversations with some users on the second day of usage for this application. All of a sudden it stopped everything and I needed to verify my account, which means taking a selfie. I hate doing it and I did it like four times. And they all failed. I contacted support the same reply. Unfortunately your account wasn’t verify. How fantastic 👏 Seriously, if you already have my phone number, then what’s so hard about verifying the face? Anyway, I’ve given up on this application. It’s too frustrating for nothing. The verifying process shouldn’t be so hard. Obviously the face on pictures will change depending on the environment.

It is a ripoff

It is a ripoff.A bunch of fake profiles Scammers. Jilust like this site waiting to rip u off.Beggars asking for money gift cards and trying to get any info they can to scam you.Stay away from this Scamsite for your own good.

They are a bloody scam

They are a bloody scam. When you don’t subscribe or just having a browse this site will send you many messages so have no choice but to subscribe to see the messages, if you subscribe for a month, you do not get any messages. As soon as your subscription is over again messages start to come in. Tested this site 1 month subscription on and 1 off. “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY PLEASE”.

Don’t use them

I cancelled auto renewal in March. They took automatic renewal in May and will only refund half the money. They are a con. I did not authorize a payment in May as I’d cancelled 2 months earlier. Also matches were in accurate and very few. Terrible service. Don’t use them.

Great App

I think that the world of full of weird people and you never know who leaves you without no reason. My love left me and leave me broke. From that day, I was so depressed because I was unable to absorb that my love is no more a part of my life.

I am having a great time here

This site not only changed my opinion about dating sites but gave me assurance about genuine profiles as well. The girls respond fast and some of them are so adorable. I am having a great time here.

Hope it will be something more!

This time around, I’m attracting the right kind of people. Finally, I’m in my element and it seems like am one step closer to find the right girl for me. I guess I got lucky on this site. Hope it will be something more!

Great website to use

Great website to use. Takes a bit of time to do your profile but definitely worth it as you then receive in depth profiles back. I met my partner on here and we’re still together 4 years later!

Easy, quick and simple

Easy, quick and simple to use.I tried to find the perfect match for me on many sites but the reason why I like the most is that takes me less then 5 minutes from sign up to great chat with beautiful girl.

Met the love of my life

Met the love of my life time for a new beginning and to be happy about my life

Its a good site

Its a good site I would use it again its a well thought out site and good service I really liked the constant updates that had been provided to me it kept things interesting I like this site

This amazing lady

This amazing lady contacted me and we hit it off immediately. There really are women out there that are looking for a real relationship and, thanks to this site, we connected.

It useless

Do not waste your money the website does not work most of the time when it does it generates storage links and messages, it useless

Total waste

Total waste. Kicking myself for wasting money on 3 month subscription.

A rubbish site.

A rubbish site. I complained to them that it was virtually impossible to pay via their German (debt collection process). No one speaks English. After months of trying I asked whether they would renew the membership from ther date that it was paid rather than the debt payment date requested. Response was that thy would renew it from the payment date only to find that they in effect back dated it and requested a further six months payment on top.
Stay well way They are RUBBISH AND SCAMMERS.

Beyond awful!

Beyond awful! Nothing elite about any aspect… Website, app or service! Impossible to cancel subscription or contact customer services

Seems like they are money laundering.

Seems like they are money laundering.

It's a scam and bots

It’s a scam and bots

What a con the site is!

OkCupid was a great site and I felt safe chatting to real people. I am extremely unhappy that I only signed up for 1month and 2 payments have come out there should be a reminder that your subscription has expired what a con the site is!

I'll just hope lady luck comes my way.

I have been on OKC for about 2 weeks.. I won’t be on much longer. I have received sexual emails, guys in their 20s that are soooooo attracted to me..( I’m 54) and most men are widowers within the last year and lost their wives to breast cancer. Hmmmmm???? They want my e mail right away and phone number. I tried all other sites, free and paid and I have no luck with them. I’ll just hope lady luck comes my way.

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