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First Date: 10 Museums to Date “Cultured”

You had a great meeting with whom you share your interest in art. Why not suggest a visit to a Museums to Date for your first date? Here are 10 ideas for museums in the most cultural cities in France, to end your day both more in love and… more cultured!

Paris: Museums to Date

Housed in the superb Biron private mansion, the Rodin Museum exhibits a rich collection of works of art by Rodin, including the famous Baiser ! On leaving the museum, you and your date, SharekAlomre future lovebirds, will enjoy a stroll through its beautiful French gardens. Romanticism guaranteed !

Paris: the Carnavalet Museum

Find the whole history of Paris from its origins to our time at the Musée du Carnavalet. History lovers will have the opportunity to discover paintings, furniture and very rare objects, fascinating testimonies of Parisian life in past centuries.

Paris: Museums to Date

If you are both gourmets, you will be delighted to discover all the secrets of the history and manufacture of chocolate during a visit full of colors and flavors in this museum. The must: the small final tasting session (be careful, guaranteed aphrodisiac virtues… ).

First Date: 10 Museums to Date “Cultured” | Zoosk Review

Paris: Halle Saint-Pierre

At the foot of the Montmartre hill, this museum is dedicated to art brut, singular art and outsider art. With exhibitions open to all forms of contemporary creation, the Halle Saint-Pierre has some great surprises in store that will delight art lovers.

Lille: Museums to Date

With more than 2,000 works on display, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille has a very rich collection of 19th century European paintings, drawings and sculptures. Enough to impress you and come out with your head full of romantic dreams!

Lyon: the Tony Garnier Urban Museum

In Lyon, educate yourself while taking in the fresh air during a visit to the Tony Garnier urban museum. As a couple, contemplate the huge mural frescoes as well as SharekAlomre.Com the painted walls, created by artists from the 5 continents.

Bordeaux: Museums to Date

Bordeaux wine lovers will certainly enjoy visiting the Museum of Wine and Trading together. Obviously, the visit ends with a tasting, enough to delight your taste buds for this first meeting !

Marseille: the Regards de Provence Museum

Provençal art in all its forms can be discovered in this Marseille museum which highlights local artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. Delight of the eyes assured, for a gallant date in the colors of Provence…

Nantes: Museums to Date

To unravel the mysteries of the Universe, enter the dark room of the Nantes Planetarium. Spending an hour with your head in the stars, what could be more romantic for a first date?

Strasbourg: the Alsatian Museum

Through three period Strasbourg buildings, immerse yourself in the daily life and traditions of Alsatian life in the 18th and 19th centuries. During the beautiful journey offered by this museum, you will certainly have fascinating discussions about Alsace with your date.

The beginnings of a relationship are full of new emotions, butterflies in the stomach and joys of all kinds. But they are also accompanied by small doubts and/or major questions, including subjects that are not always easy to tackle. But the UpToDate team has nothing to hide. If this article seems at first glance intended for girls, gentlemen, you are however just as concerned!

 they would make women in a bad mood, susceptible… Menstruation has never had a good reputation! And unfortunately, many women still carry the weight of this negative image. Between embarrassment and shame, they are not comfortable with this manifestation of their femininity. And yet, NO, it is neither repulsive nor disgusting: it is a natural phenomenon of the body simply linked to reproduction. This subject therefore has neither to be sacralized nor dramatized.

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On the men’s side? The boys having evolved at the same time as mores, they have less and less particular embarrassment with that. Only sometimes, they can be clumsy, not always understanding well, and feel lost in our stories of “cycles”. So why not take the time to talk to them about it? If some are uncomfortable with the subject, that’s their problem! We, in any case, do not have to be ashamed to speak of our body.

this is another subject that makes women uncomfortable… Between magazine models with shiny legs and films where hair does not exist, we tend to believe that ours are too much . In any case, none of us escapes it: we have hair, which we get rid of (or not). But under the duvet, no need to hide under long pants until it grows back. Monsieur will have to get used to the idea that his partner is not a fairy tale princess (or an X movie actress)!

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