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Posted On : May 4, 2018

Really badly conduct. They request the preferences then discount them if sending you “games” they ship each day. Lol. Additionally, they ship additional games (allegedly based on your own interests ( the others) which were actually the specific contrary of the interests and preferences. Customer service (with the word lightly) reacted to 1 of my questions and has been not valuable. Do not feel these individuals remain running a business. If you should be trying to find a singles site, do not squander your hard earned money on Zoosk.

After unsubscribing and minding the program Zoosk charged me for a second month and then refused to refund my money. I strongly advise that you steer clear of this program if you like your solitude and dollars.

This really was the worst of all most internet dating web sites! They ask all kinds of “fitting” questions whenever you subscribe afterward dismiss all of the replies and fit you with people away from one’s actual age category, and over a hundred miles off. I used don’t desire smokers and was always being paired using them. You’ve got to pay for to cover up your profile as soon as your subscription is completed, who’d want to provide this web site any extra money? Needing to cover most profiles are not overly busy. Everybody else gets got the very same complaints. Save your income and determine the other way. I am finished with online dating internet sites. They truly are unworthy!!!

I signed for Zoosk dating top service for half a year… After 30 days that they cheated my membership and also refused to come back my own money. They stated I did not adhere to their own company agreement. I asked for an excuse. They complied. They don’t really contact by telephone simply email.

I consented to try out Zoosk for a couple of weeks. I paid with Pay Pal. They instantly charged me that this fee double. Ordinarily in spite of so called “pre-authorized” obligations” you are able to offset the payment which shouldn’t happen for the following 3 weeks. Therefore today I’ve significantly less than my rent number because of those dishonest pricks. Perhaps not merely this the feature “Monica would like to talk” is really a whole lie. I have asked girls plus so they never said. In the event you do carousel and state that you wish to meet vice-versa then you definitely can’t take a true look at the girl’s profile. Then in the event that you state you wish to match centered on the limited information that they lock the game meaning that you must cover 30 coins to start this up and actually view or get the lady. Can not I simply pay for the complete member? By misleading & alerting their customer base you may lose every one of the confidence of one’s onetime customers. They’ll move everywhere.

Zoosk is actually a dreadful dating agency. The website is completely inefficient and customer care is nonexistent except to offer add-ons. I hoped that my correspondence could be gotten by others but they would like one to pay for extra to observe whether your answer was actually received. They expect you to cover to increase your vulnerability once the service that they sold you will not get the job done.

I wouldn’t ever proceed on Zoosk back again. Whenever you place your preferences for whatever you are and so aren’t searching to get i.e. era, space, smoker, etc., it will not store your preferences accordingly whenever you move on the website you obtain all individuals that you aren’t searching for and need to reset your preferences each moment. Additionally, my buddy was cheated by a particular person that was simply a “guy” and learned that it had been a woman.

It took me around a couple of weeks, however, that I finally discovered that ZOOSK really is actually a scam!!! Every time that I get an answer or merely a text, so it’s indeed clear that the lady failed to see everything I originally text, or else they consistently send unnecessary texts and also the ladies never respond from exactly what I text. It’s so evident that they ship MEANINGLESS TEXTS!! Certainly, they have paid to catch you moving for a couple of seconds! This has to be EXPOSED! However, I hear all of the internet dating web sites are this way! They don’t really want to look as they don’t really work I suppose!


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