What Color of Roses to Choose for Valentine Day?

An age-old custom related to Valentine Day is handing out beautiful flower bouquets or single roses to your friends. For centuries, they have been used to express their feelings, and as you know, the rose of all flowers symbolizes love and devotion to another person. Already in ancient FlirtWith.com Rome and Greece, this flower was associated with Aphrodite and Venus – the goddesses of love and beauty. It is good to know what their individual colors mean in the words of flowers before giving your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift to avoid later misunderstandings.

The most popular rose color associated with Valentine’s Day is, of course, red. It is unequivocally associated with sincere and passionate, but also persistent love. The red rose is considered the flower of lovers, so it is perfect for expressing your feelings to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Flowers of this color are given to those who are in love and are most important to us. That is why they are the most popular gift on various occasions for a reason.

Valentine Day

A white or cream rose symbolizes pure, spiritual, innocent and modest love. It is also the flower of young love. According to tradition, we often see white bouquets of roses at weddings, which is supposed to bring a young couple happiness and peace in their relationship. By giving someone a white rose, we express our pure intentions, noble and sincere feelings towards the other person. Let us give her to our sympathy if we want to show her respect.

A pink rose stands for tenderness and femininity. If we give it to a loved one, we want to convey to them that we are friends with them. It is a good idea for people who are not yet bound by deep affection, but want to show that they care about the recipient. A darker shade of pink expresses FlirtWith gratitude and appreciation. The pink color of the petals is less obliging than red, which is why it is perfect for young people.

What Color of Roses to Choose for Valentine Day

We will present an orange rose to someone we are friends with, but we want to go a step further. It symbolizes a kind of bridge between love (red) and companionship (yellow). Expresses interest in the other person and admiration. This color is an injection of positive energy and good thoughts.

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A purple rose signifies delight with the other person at first sight and majesty. It is a great choice if you want to make a good impression on your sympathy. Lavender colored roses are hard to find. So the recipient of them will definitely appreciate the effort of the person who manage to get them

Yellow symbolizes friendship and joy,  however yellow roses are rarely chosen. As an expression of love for another person. They are often associated with very negative. Feelings and therefore we don’t give them our crush because. We don’t want to hurt her. To ensure that our gift in the form of yellow. Roses is not received badly, we suggest that you attach a note to it with a brief explanation of why we chose this particular color.

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