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This site is a delightful portrayal of how science can join feelings and relations. Eharmony.com, established by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical therapist, explicitly targets serious responsibility. The designers have worked broadly on finding the science behind affection and sentiments lastly reasoned that science and love could construct a serious and sound bond. They have dealt with this site completely, going through each perspective to make it a deciding spot for the people who need to settle down.

eHarmony.com has advanced around 600,000 weddings till now. This site has demonstrated its true capacity in the dating scene and deals with a novel thought of giving subtleties through the poll, which you will get to be familiar with in the wake of going through this Eharmony.com survey. Additionally we have Eharmony versus OkCupid and Eharmony versus Match correlation in our blog.



eHarmony.com utilizes science to match you and the possible accomplice through a few extraordinary advances. Rather than applying and looking for profiles straightforwardly, every one of the individuals should take a similarity test after joining. It assists you with getting past a simple way in finding you the best comparative suggestions which match your longings — this stage is for clients searching for a veritable relationship. The poll gets some information about all the details that might be useful to them to give you the profiles of similar people.

Enlistment — IS IT Truly Simple?

Joining with eHarmony.com consumes surprisingly time. While getting enlisted on this dating stage, you will go over different strategies for enrollment. You can utilize your email ID or your virtual entertainment account. After you’re finished, you can push ahead to giving a few experiences about yourself. Their definite inquiries will assist individuals with getting to realize you better, in this manner expanding your possibilities tracking down adoration. The character and similarity tests say a great deal regarding you: physical make-up, appearance, likes, aversions, and, surprisingly, a little about your experience.


In the wake of filling this data, you are all set. You can likewise download the portable application straightforwardly from the Play Store or Application Store, open it, and select the Sign Up choice. Then you need to give the vital subtleties, for example,

  • Name
  • Sexual inclination
  • Your orientation
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Secret phrase

After this, you will go through the character test; at last, you can find your perfect partner.


Plan AND Convenience – eHarmony.com

It is where the genuine game starts. The majority of the sites give you the very best and popular highlights, however they neglected to chip away at their plan design and convenience. In this way, they need to stir things up around town of individuals’ assumptions. eHarmony.com organizes your match list in a lattice showing just their names, city, and progress in years under their obscured out profile pictures. It furnishes you with straightforward plan as opposed to a cutting edge one, yet it gives furious contest to its opponents as far as openness and route support. It is perfect and proficient being used, making it simpler for any newbie to get to and become accustomed to it right away. Being so exciting, it has professed to be answerable for around 550 weddings each day in the USA. It shows how really they have denoted their reality.


Eharmony has a dynamic nature of profiles. A huge component that decides your future on this dating stage is the way well you have organized your page. The information from the test and the poll gets reflected in your profile. A similarity segment features characteristics about your character and way of life. You can likewise peruse exhaustively about individuals you have a preference for in a back and forth discussion segment.


Portable APPLICATION – eHarmony.com

Eharmony.com has kept a straightforward presentation that its work area form highlights, as well. It is ethical with a straightforward connection point, and one doesn’t see numerous unessential promotions in it. It is accessible for the two IOS and Android gadgets. The portable application has basically everything about you see on the work area. However it conveys smooth looking at the match rundown and Top choices, this adaptation is the most appropriate for clients who are generally bustling voyaging. One downside is that they make the presentation pictures foggy for neglected individuals, so the countenances stay a secret.


Eharmony.com ensures that consideration towards security and mystery is all around taken for the clients. There’s an extremely strategic start to finish encryption of the individual information connected with charging and valuing. Eharmony’s dating master group prescribes everybody to be pretty much as watchful as they can while being on the web. This stage is truly intended to frame unadulterated associations that can transform into something serious sometime in the future. Be that as it may, assuming you believe you are being irritated or exposed to any rubbish action, make no defer in acquiring the matter front of the client care group of Eharmony.

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                                           Frequently Asked Questions

Does eHarmony really work?

Yes, I would say eHarmony does work. It is one of the largest and most successful dating sites. It primarily targets those seeking long-term partners or meaningful connections.

Why we join eHarmony?

Eharmony is a very famous website on the internet. Many people share there positive experience of this website. eharmony is dedicated to finding loving, long-lasting relationships for singles.

Is eHarmony is free?

Joining is free on eHarmony you can create your profile and watch other profiles. If you want to use eHarmony to start chatting with people and finding that special someone, you are going to have to pay for an upgraded account.

Is eHarmony worth it?

Well, I think eharmony is a bit different from other dating sites. Success rates are good for finding your partners in eharmony.

How safe is eHarmony?

According to eHarmony privacy policy When you register for an account or subscribe to any of our Services, we collect a variety of information about you, including your contact information such as your name, email address, contact number, mailing address, date of birth, dating preferences, etc. We store information in a combination of electronic storage facilities, paper-based files, and other records. While we cannot guarantee your personal information is completely secure at all times, we have administrative, organizational, technical, and physical security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information collected and processed.

What kind of cookies does eHarmony use?

We use certain cookies to make sure that our website and our Service is easy, secure and safe to use.

How do I delete my account on eHarmony?

How success rate for eharmony site?

Success rate for eHarmony, less than 40%. eHarmony may have a good reputation on the surface, but we took the liberty of checking whether it is a dating site worthy of your time. People who stay on this site have most likely upgraded their account. This can be pretty costly so, there is a huge possibility that you'll match with someone who is already stable.

Should I try the eHarmony?

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then this site is probably worth a try. Most of its members are in the age of settling down and building a family. eHarmony is conjunction with the basic interface it might wear it has the web version. It is clean and easy to navigate and does not have a lot of promotions to deal with. The app allows easy scrolling through your match list and favorites' list.

How can I contact eHarmony?

There are many options to contact eHarmony, goto about and then contact. There are Help Center, Careers, Press Inquiries, etc. You can check their Help Page if you have any issue and questions regarding your account.


Website: www.eharmony.com

Phone Number : +1-626-628-3467

Address: 10900 WILSHIRE BLVD,
Los Angeles California, 90024, United States

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Site is about money only

Site is about money only the women will always lead you on try to get you hooked on them to talk it’s only on site never off

Don't fall for this dating site

Don’t fall for this dating site . It is a scam. Registration fee was paid by me followed by no service.Their customer service doesn’t exist and no refund results. To determine, look at the profiles and almost all profiles are similar. Chat with more people and conversations are similar.Same questions are repeated which makes our time waste and purchasing coins. Don’t waste your time like I and many others did!

It does not again

About a year I been a paying member except for few weeks when I got so bored with their lack of care to add more members (I like men). Yes they repeat the same old tired faces over-over and over again and again. So got enough today (been thinking about cancelling for awhile). I feel that it does not respect the limited pool of their membership. They certainly did not me. I am well rounded well kept now 70 year old. I good writer so my profile always gets the younger ones attention. It does not again respect or appreciate their members.

There are more frauds on this site

There are more frauds on this site, than are sitting in jails. They don’t want you to find someone, because then you and the money will go away. I only started a profile to see what there was to see. I can say that all of the the complaints on here are legit. I can’t even access the account part to delete the profile. Beware!

I won't recommend this to anyone

Not good. I won’t recommend this to anyone. They’re just good with collecting your money. But not willing to help.

Unbelievable and highly alarming

I have paid for 6 months and I got contacted by numerous scammers with fake profiles. I nearly fell a victim to the first one and then had to educate myself about their tactics, unfortunately… Some of them were taken down by the site’s security team but some were not. The experience was highly disappointing! I met with only one real person for all this time. I suspect the rest of the profiles were fake. Unbelievable and highly alarming.

What a nightmare.

You can never reach them. You can’t report a sleazebag on their site, and that is ALL you will encounter. Their website states: “go here to report someone,” but will not route you. “Fill out this form” to complain, and no form pops up. I reported them to the FBI! They hook scammers up with victims and you pay $200 to be lied to non-stop. What a nightmare.

This company is a complete scam

This company is a complete scam – a business model built upon auto-renewals at a high price. Which they steadfastly refuse to make easy to cancel.

Don’t waste your time

I joined a while ago but wasn’t on there very often, but decided to login and check things out, I couldn’t login so I asked for a email with password reset, I never got it so I contacted the help page, I got an email saying sorry for your login issues we have manually sent you a password reset , I never got it glad I’m not wasting my money paying to be a part of this money grabber online website, which looks like because I’m not paying they don’t want me on there, fairly annoyed right now with the mediocre help I’ve received all I can say is don’t waste your time or money.

Impossibility of cancellation

Claims to use algorithms to find your perfect match. If it does these must be remarkably unsophisticated, as it kept suggesting people hundreds of kilometres from me, sometimes of the wrong gender. I wish I had read a review of the site before committing to upgrading to using its paid facility. It is expensive, and I think offers poor value. The real kick in the teeth however is the impossibility of cancellation: this site will continue to debit your card when you cancel; in my opinion this is tantamount to fraud.

Racist operators

Racist operators, they love scammers and prostitutes, girls doing webcam, sending pics for money, anything bad is for them, you dare not write anything bad trying to scam you because you will be blocked. They also have other sites that are the same and if you blocked on when you blocked on all…………….eventually. Never give your credit card to these people because they will clean it and block you.

Don't use this app!!!

This app is the worst I didnt have anyone talk to me, I mean damn am I that ugly or something, so I deactivated my account and never received my refund, total rip off!!! Don’t use this app!!!

Please avoid

Please avoid this con site and don’t bother wasting you time or money.

I closed my account

I closed my account a number of months ago and they continued to charge me a yearly subscription which they refused to return. Very dodgy. Try Other website

For me it totally worked!

This unbiased hook up site accommodates everyone. It is fabulous and doesnt fail to provide ample options for interaction to its users. You can easily find and engage with your matches. For me it totally worked!

Well easy accessible page

Well easy accessible page easy overview both on PC and mobile and I can only recommend the page to others I was on the site many years ago and Self I return to in my opinion dating page and there is so. Always friendly service of the support and no stupid questions

Helped me to find my better half

Helped me to find my better half – I don’t think that our paths would have crossed without this website!

Keep it up. Try it!

I am very happy to come across this kind of dating agency. It is very hard to find something like this that not only gives interested matches that go with your taste and preferance but also offers assistance. I love the work being done here, keep it up. Try it!

Great app

Great app, if you are truthful, honest, then your experience will be successful. I do really recommend this service.

Very easy to use and fun site

Very easy to use and fun site. Lots of women I’m my age group. Easy to put lots of pictures on the site. The women range from professional to very educated. The site is easy reach out to them and I like the security system in place for imposters.

I'm very happy this site worked

I’m very happy this site worked. I found what I needed and couldn’t be happier all I can say is try it for yourself if you are looking for love it is it there

This is a great place to meet

This is a great place to meet a number of people that are seeking the same things as you are. Had the chance to meet someone very special to me.

Money wasted on this app

Money wasted on this app. People are imposed on me, people appear online when they are Not, i actually tried it with a good friend of mine.

Keep away from it

Paying is easy but try and cancel your subscribtion is near on impossible as As soon as you try the app locks up.Keep away from it

Beware of being cheated by LatinFeels

LatinFeels.com is a very bad and scam website, Beware of being cheated by LatinFeels.

Scammers auto renew with no warnings.

Scammers auto renew with no warnings. Don’t go near this site there is no one on it way overpriced

Scam scam scam!

Scam scam scam! Stay away- fake profiles. I have received over 300 emails in a day- and they are all scams- robot generated software.

This site if full of scammers

This site if full of scammers – fake accounts

Eharmony have not customer service at all

“I paid £14.99 and my money went stray a way from my account, for some coins credit to start trying eharmony, and eharmony to my money and didn’t deliver anything! I sent many emails asking for my credit, and not replay at all,
Eharmony have not customer service at all, just take money and for get his customers. ”

I would recommend trying another one

After reading the reviews shortly after i joined I tried to cancel, and tried to cancel and tried to cancel and they have been giving me the run around for two entire days trying to run out the clock. They should be put out of business by the government or some consumer protection agency. they are dishonest, manipulative and criminal and just prey on the poor suckers unlucky enough to sign up,

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