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Yourchristiandate.com is at the very front of the internet dating world and offers an unrivaled worldwide reach. Sent off in 1993, our organization currently covers in excess of 32 nations and offers the innovation that allows individuals to take dating farther than at any other time. Our desire is to interface singles regardless of YourChristianDate Reviews. Where they are and rouse sentiment on a worldwide scale. The experience we have worked since our send off has given us a genuine understanding into what individuals search for with regards to dating. We offer the most immediate and effective way to deal with YourChristianDate.com meeting singles anyplace on the planet.

YourChristianDate is a chief internet based local area for anybody hoping to date and wed inside the Christian confidence. We give a chance to track down a significant and durable relationship with Christian singles overall in light of shared values and convictions.


YourChristianDate Application

The spot for singles across the world to see as one another and start a relationship utilizing a scope of correspondence highlights. We give the stage and devices to individuals to reach out.

Like any dating an open door, everything begins by making a profile with a photograph and sharing individual subtleties. The following stage is to look through the participation information base and immediately see others who have joined. One of the features of our dating application is to find out about individuals both locally and from different areas of the planet. Whenever individuals are keen on one another, YourChristianDate.com  they can talk utilizing an YourChristianDate.com immediate message framework and Live Visit. Activity of any kind happens on a solid, dependable and safe organization that ensures the protection and security of each and every part. Furthermore, our Client support Group is consistently close by to help with any enquiries.

Here are the principal advantages of our administration:

  • Track down your ideal match in two or three ticks!
  • Customized search get acquainted with clients in view of your inclinations.
  • Confirmed profiles our day in and day out client service checks and checks each part.
  • Moment Visit and Disconnected Messages talk progressively and keep in contact consistently.
  • Get warnings assuming that the part enjoyed you or checked your profile out.
  • Turn into a part today and track down a significant and enduring relationship!


Kindly note:

  • YourChristianDate Application is completely safe with full security
  • You should be somewhere around 17 years of age to download and utilize this Application

YourChristianDate is a head online local area for anybody hoping to date and wed inside the Christian confidence. We give a potential chance to track down a significant and enduring relationship with Christian singles overall in view of shared values and convictions.

Is it true or not that you are looking for a decent match? Introduce the application and join a horde of Christian singles searching for Your Christian Date Reviews significant and durable connections. YourChristianDate centers around carrying fulfillment to those looking for their all in all. It has proactively turned into a major progress in the Christian dating local area, where it has acquired the trust of individuals focused on connections and correspondence.


YourChristianDate enjoys the accompanying benefits:

  • Track down your ideal match in two or three ticks!
  • Customized search – get acquainted with clients in view of your inclinations
  • Confirmed profiles – our day in and day out client service checks and confirms each part
  • Moment Visit and Disconnected Messages – talk continuously and keep in contact consistently
  • Get notices on the off chance that a part enjoyed you or checked your profile out

About YourChristianDate.com:

YourChristianDate is a specific application and dating administration that unites Christian singles online for adoration, discussion and friendship. In light of more than 25 years of expertise, YourChristianDate.com is a smoothed out dating stage that conveys a basic help for charitable and cordial singles who generally put their confidence first. A YourChristianDate conveys an immediate and effective way to deal with meeting Christian singles in light of a profound knowledge into what individuals need from dating.

YourChristianDate people group:

YourChristianDate has a huge, various participation and is an open spot for all to join. The people group incorporates singles from nations all over the planet, however everybody is joined in their point of affection and sentiment. YourChristianDate affirms all new individuals as genuine before they can begin dating, and that implies everybody registers for the right reasons. YourChristianDate is a dependable method for expanding your pool of Christian matches.


YourChristianDate.com highlights:

YourChristianDate gives quick and simple correspondence includes that associate all individuals in the most ideal manner. The Christian Dating App dynamic dating local area can reach out utilizing a scope of elements and devices:

  • We should Blend talk welcome assistance
  • Simple pursuit
  • Top to bottom profiles with quality photographs
  • Moment talk
  • Email
  • All informing situated in one spot

What individuals are talking about:

“Amazing! I’m astounded… ” – Jake

“I can’t quit talking!” – Valeri

“There are such countless great ways of tracking down a lady… ” – Marcus

Turn into a part today and buy in for just $9.99/month!

By buying into our month to month enrollment, you will get the accompanying advantages:

  • We should Blend Administration
  • half Off All Buys

Kindly note: YourChristianDate.com

  • Your iTunes record will be charged at affirmation of the membership buy and auto-recharges for a similar overhaul cost toward the finish of every month to month time frame.
  • Auto-reestablish might be switched off by going to your Record Settings after buy and should be switched off no less than 24-hours before the finish of the ongoing time frame.
  • No scratch-off of the ongoing overhaul plan is permitted during your dynamic period.
  • Security Strategy: https://www.yourchristiandate.com/protection strategy/
  • Terms of Purpose: https://www.yourchristiandate.com/terms/
  • YourChristianDate Application is completely safe with full security
  • You should be something like 17 years of age to download and utilize this Application

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What if I am not able to find out the profile of my choice?

If you are not able to find out the match of your choice we just suggest you browse through the profiles because every search has a proper answer and when you search with all your determination hopefully you will find out the right profile.

Is it possible to take a break from the portal?

Yes. If you are not feeling comfortable anymore in using get or you have a busy schedule and not have enough time to browse through it don't worry just take a break. Whenever you feel ok you can simply perform the login and enjoy.

Is it possible to put privacy on profile?

Yes. There is an option available in the profile that will help you to put privacy on your profile. You just need to visit the settings and get the option available for your profile.


Here we come up with all the advantages related to YourChristianDate.com This helps you understand why online dating platforms are getting and all of the popularity all around. We suggest you perform the login on these portals so that next time. You will not feel alone at all, and fear of judgment will not let you stay away from dating.

Website: https://www.yourchristiandate com/

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Worst scam dating site

Worst scam dating site I’ve been on. You pay in coins for each message to reply to all the beautiful young women who message you but will never chat offsite.

You will never meet anyone.

This site is a total scam. You will never meet anyone.

Stay far, far away from this site.

Stay far, far away from this site.

I get contacted by a scammer

Most of the time, almost immediately after logging in, I get contacted by a scammer. This does not happen to me on Match. The people who run this website do a very poor job of controlling what another site does well. In addition to scammers, I have collected documentary proof that a very high percentage of the profiles are expired, so I spend a lot of time looking at the profiles of people who are, in essence, non-existent. Can you imagine how much time I waste writing notes to those same people? And when I contacted customer service in writing about the expired profiles and even provided documentary proof, they didn’t even have the courtesy to respond. So, in essence, I highly recommend that you avoid this dating website and seek another.

This site is a complete waste of money

Also would rate a 0 if possible. This site is a complete waste of money and by far the worst one I have ever been on. Matches are very limited and the ones that are sent are never ones I would be interested in. I have been on several other dating sites and had a much better experience.

Full of potential scammers

Where to start? Expensive, full of potential scammers, auto renew hidden away – really terrible service.

Not happy

I have had over £209 taken out of my account and I have not authorised this. My membership says 6mths to. 21.12.21. I cannot afford this, I cannot get hold of anyone to talk to. My friend overseas was catfished by someone on this site and he still operates even though this site is aware of him. I will be taking this further. Not happy.

They take your money

If there is even the smallest smudge on your past record – no matter how long ago – the site will alert anyone you message and warn them against you… without you knowing what is going on. They take your money and then make it impossible to make any connections.

Beware and run

So I was using the free site and I noticed I had a bunch of likes and the site pressured me to sign up to see all these people who’ve liked me. I signed up and started messaging some of the people back. Literally all the people I messaged said they’ve never even seen my profile yet alone liked it. Some people were not even from the same country who had no idea who I was when I had the radius to people close. Basically here to save you trouble. This site is a scam, you’re not likely to find someone here. Even if you pay, beware and run!

It's an absolute JOKE

What are people doing about getting sucked into the 12 months contract? Can anyone help me? I refuse to pay as I did NOT sign up for 12 months. Will this give me a bad credit rating? I have spoken to this site and got absolutely nowhere. Now I have a collection agency after me. Absolutely FURIOUS!!!! The 800+ negative reviews should speak for themselves. Seems I’m not the only person sucked into this death trap of a contract. I will keep fighting this as it’s an absolute JOKE. If anyone could please share any help and/or shed some light on how to go about this, I’d really appreciate it.

Customer service none existent

Amazingly after paid for lifetime premium membership block my account some fabricated fake report I was using for business purchases . I’ve emailed many times no reply or investigation just me well out of pocket and no recourse disgraceful company customer service none existent

Abusive and harassing

It is a breeding ground which engenders sexual denigration towards women. I am a female service user who spent a few weeks on the dating app. Despite reporting a large number of sexist and sexually abusive and harassing comments the site did little about it. I realised that although the men were blocked from my account the site allowed them to continue on the app and were in no way penalised or made accountable for their behaviour.

Unrealistic expectations

Full of people with unrealistic expectations, e.g old ladies looking for old men with “athletic bodies”.

Stay away

Do not think for a moment you can get out of this like you can on all the other pay by month services. You cannot!! Even if no matches in your area, they will tell you the same old dribble to lower your standards and get whatever you can to find love. Even if the app is in miles and you work in km’s, they will tell you to use their website instead or the app. Stay away. There is no way out once you start!!!

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