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A simple way to discover a new world of traveling YourTravelMates.com is a social stage where each voyager can share their encounters, track down magnificent travel mates and gain priceless information from local people. The assistance invites every individual who is keen on heading out to join and assist with building the best travel local area out there. It is an outing arranging stage – a permanent place to stay for in excess of 50 000 explorers. Yourtravelmates.com review The help means to make travel encounters and escapes extraordinary by assisting individuals with finding their most wanted travel accomplice or sidekick from a differed rundown of clients, overcoming any barrier between societies, nations and YourTravelMates.com encounters.


YourTravelMates spurs and moves voyagers to discuss trips, share counsel from local people, proposals and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. YourTravelMates administration makes it very simple to meet somebody with neighborhood information on an objective client need to visit. The assistance has remarkable substance (ex. travel photographs) and works. Our crowd is included grown-ups going for both relaxation and business – all hoping to encounter the world.

Yourtravelmates app is at the very front of the web based dating world and offers an unequaled worldwide reach. Sent off in 1993, our organization currently covers in excess of 32 nations and offers the innovation that allows individuals to take dating farther than any time in recent memory.

Our desire is to interface singles regardless of where they are and motivate sentiment on a worldwide scale. The experience we have worked since our send off has given us a genuine knowledge into what individuals search for with regards to dating. We offer the most immediate and fruitful way to deal with meeting singles anyplace on the planet.


Yourtravelmates.com – Consistently Worldwide

Yourtravelmates.com feels comfortable from one side of the planet to the other. We have a worldwide presence with a specific accentuation on Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. That is on the grounds that we know the universe of sentiment has changed. Presently singles need to look further away from home for their exceptional somebody. What’s more, Your travel mates free is in the ideal situation to present matches from a scope of spots and societies.

Our Central goal

All that we do is pointed toward uniting singles and assisting them start a relationship with a unique individual. We have formed this expertise into an artistic work! Our compelling methodology assists couples with seeing as one another on our site. That is the reason we keep on being roused by the affection for the individuals who use Yourtravelmates.com.


Our Methodology

Yourtravelmates.com is the spot for singles across the world to see as one another and start a relationship utilizing a scope of correspondence highlights. We give the stage and devices to individuals to reach out. Like any dating an open door, everything begins by making a profile with a photograph and sharing individual subtleties. The subsequent stage is to look through the enrollment information base and immediately see others.

Who have joined. One of the features of Yourtravelmates.com is to learn about individuals both locally and from different regions of the planet. Whenever individuals are keen on one another they can talk utilizing an immediate message framework and Live Visit. Every type of effort happens on a solid, dependable and safe organization that ensures the protection and security of each and every part. What’s more, our Client care Group Discover Travel Mates  is consistently available to help with any enquiries.

Every now and again posed inquiries about Yourtravelmates.com:


1. For what reason could individuals definitely stand out and commitment on Yourtravelmates.com?

Our model interfaces free individuals with paid individuals from the two genders from across the world. This empowers more individuals to profit from the site, and can bring about paid individuals getting higher reaction rates and consideration. Free individuals are drawn to the help and confirmed through our accomplices.

To qualify as the need might arise to give precise and quality substance to your profile, including photographs, recordings, and a profile depiction. You likewise should be dynamic on the site and follow the Correspondence Strategy With the expectation of complimentary Individuals.

While inspecting a profile to check whether it keeps on qualifying as free we think about the nature of content, profile depiction, and movement on the site.

We utilize various patent-forthcoming icebreaker devices on our items (We should Blend, Lift) that work with part commitment. These devices are one of a kind to our image.

We likewise draw in individuals from Yourtravelmates team different locales of the world who are exceptionally keen on imparting and mingling on the web.

We utilize our lengthy organization of disconnected accomplices who check free individuals in different areas and work with interpretation/deciphering administrations and correspondences.

A few individuals don’t pay for administrations on Yourtravelmates.com, which empowers more individuals to take part effectively.


2. Why would that be no participation accessible that gives limitless admittance to the site?

Our model is “pay-per-activity.” Individuals just compensation for administrations that they use (e-letters, visits, videochats). This might cost more than participation on other dating destinations, yet can likewise cost less. Individuals take the choice on how dynamic they need to be. The facts may confirm that on different locales a client buys enrollment without getting any consideration whatsoever.

Charges that we charge clients cover the costs of interpreters, telecasters, picture takers and accomplices that check information and empower correspondence with the expectation of complimentary individuals.

Expenses on our foundation likewise empower premium client assistance.

3. What are the advantages of worldwide dating?

Yourtravelmates.com administrations give the open door to worldwide web based dating with individuals from north of 40 nations. Accept that multifaceted dating upholds development of social mindfulness and resilience.

We have established a rich climate and look to encourage safe correspondences online through our visits, video chats, live real time, messaging, 360-recordings, individual videoclips, and rich media trade and so forth. We give security assurance to our individuals and empower them to look into one another before they choose to meet disconnected.

Assist our individuals with associating with one another in view of their common advantages and similitudes and not their area.

Individuals are altogether different as far as the objectives they have at the top of the priority list while enrolling on Yourtravelmates.com. Individuals determine these objectives on their profile.

A portion of our individuals are searching for a date, yet generally speaking they are extremely glad to track down kinship, friendship, or online sentiment. Yourtravelmates.com isn’t about snare ups. Yourtravelmates.com is centered around correspondence on the web.


4. For what reason could individuals on Yourtravelmates.com look more alluring than individuals on a few different destinations?

Our foundation associates free individuals with paid individuals from the two genders across the world. This empowers more individuals to profit from our administration, and offers paid individuals higher reaction rates and more consideration.

Our accomplices offer help to free individuals who may hold any importance with paying individuals.

Our accomplices frequently curate photograph and video meetings of free individuals. This ensures that main confirmed, refreshed and quality substance gets distributed on Yourtravelmates.com.

Individuals are not paid to be on our foundation. It is completely disallowed for our accomplices to pay free individuals to involve our foundation in any capacity. This expectation is remembered for our Terms of Purpose Understanding. In the event that any part learns about an infringement of this standard, they can illuminate us by reaching Client care. Any part who abuses the standards will be impeded quickly on our foundation. An accomplice who enrolled this part will likewise be punished or erased.

5. Could I at any point utilize Yourtravelmates.com for nothing?

To turn into a free part you need to qualify as a free part. To qualify as need might arise to give quality substance to your profile including photographs, recordings, and a profile depiction. You should likewise be dynamic on our foundation and follow the Correspondence Strategy With the expectation of complimentary Individuals.

All kinds of people can turn out to be free individuals from any nation where our foundation is accessible. All individuals should be something like 18 years of age (or the time of assent in their nation of home, whichever is higher).

Top web-based telecasters who are additionally free individuals are compensated by Yourtravelmates.com for giving top notch public video real time content, which is accessible free to every one of our individuals.

Accomplices that curate free individuals are liable for any improper way of behaving from free individuals on the site and will bear all monetary obligations brought about by such movement.

6. How are free individuals roused?

Individuals are totally different as far as objectives they have at the top of the priority list while enlisting on our destinations. They indicate these objectives on their profile.

A portion of our individuals are hoping to date, travel, migrate, or get gifts. Yet, by and large, they are extremely glad to track down companions, friendship or online sentiment. A few individuals are searching for prominence and acknowledgment of their ability. What Yourtravelmates.com isn’t about is snare ups.

Most well known free individuals become web-base telecasters. And are compensate by Yourtravelmates.com for giving excellent public video real time content, which is accessible free to all individuals.

Individuals are not paid to be on our site. It is completely disallow for our accomplices to pay free individuals to involve our site in any capacity. This limitation is remember for our Terms of Purpose Understanding. On the off chance that any part learns about. An infringement of this standard, they can illuminate us by reaching Client care. Any part who abuses the standards will be obstruct promptly on our locales. An accomplice who enroll this Part will likewise be punish or erase.

7. For what reason is Yourtravelmates.com a safe spot to date on the web?

For our purposes, the security of our individuals is a main concern. We follow legitimate guidelines administering global dating. Hence, we won’t ever give any private contact data of one part to another part. Individuals are allowed to share or not share their contact data with different individuals.

We truly do comprehend that individuals trade contact subtleties in video talks and so on, and clearly we don’t deny this action. In any case, we in all actuality do caution our individuals to rigorously observe the rules of our Dating Security Strategy, which prescribes not to give any private contact data (counting connects to SMM accounts, couriers, IDs, individual numbers and so forth.). We offer this guidance on the grounds that no part totally certain the way in which serious. Their accomplice is, and assuming correspondence occurs beyond our framework. We won’t be equip for assisting individuals who with causing problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register on YourTravelMates.com?

Can I register free on YourTravelMates.com?

Yes, you can join YourTravelMates.com with no charge at all.

How to Pay for YourTravelMates?

What is Anti Scam policy on YourTravelMates?

Scammers are filtered by personal check of every account. It makes the platform a truly safe place for those who are looking for travel mates. YourTravelMates doesn’t allow you to establish any contacts with members without buying credits. It protects existing users from scammers’ attacks.

What is YourTravelMates?

What Payment method used on YourTravelMates.com?

YourTravelMates accepts only credit cards.

How to delete YourTravelMates account?

The account deletion process is simple. Users who no longer wish to continue online dating through YourTravelMates can delete their profiles by contacting the YourTravelMates customer service team via a contact form found on the site.

Is YourTravelMates expensive?

In comparison to other providers YourTravelMates is expensive.

How to contact YourTravelMates support team?

You can contact YourTravelMates at any time via [email protected] with any questions or enquiries.

What are the details a person needs to provide for performing the login?

For performing the login user requires their Google account, and rest they need to follow the on-screen mentioned instructions.

Why Yourtravelmates is a secure platform to date online?

Yourtravelmates is a secure platform to date online because the developers are keeping each and every factor into consideration and let individuals connect with the people by having the same in mind. It is not important to share any personal details because they do not want to own any right over it.


Finally, there is a platform that will help you to get a partner while traveling and partners with whom you can share your personal thing as well. It is the best online dating platform because Yourtravelmates.com has each and every feature with contributing to the same. Without wasting even a second, just be aware of it and perform the login.

Website: https://www.yourtravelmates com

Phone Number: +1-888-985-0020

Address: 10 Anson Road #05-17, International Plaza,
Singapore (079903)

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Thank God I didn't waste money on this crap

Thank God I didn’t waste money on this crap. I don’t think there was one real person, anyone with half a brain would see it is fake within seconds.

Yourtravelmates.com Stop dishonesty making money

I just read the reviews about this site on google and found out it received tons of reviews as a scam site to rip off people by stealing their money . They stole 40 dollars from me by one day by deploying an army of fake account holders . All here are paid scammers who pose as a relationship seeker to make them money or part of their fraudulent website who are getting paid for allowing them to use theirr photos. Don’t think people are dumb. They find out one way or other. How come Tons of girls send me chat request every second ? How is it possible ? How come none of these girls want or share their personal info for other social media platforms but try to keep continuing conversation on this site only to rip our money off ? How come so many girls don’t care about age and even want to get hooked up with a ninety year old man ? All of them are fake and con artist . Be careful, FBI is on a haunt for you . You will get caught sooner than later . Stop dishonesty making money.

BEWARE PEOPLE on Yourtravelmates

I registered because I am looking for a travel buddy… As soon as I looked through the profiles, I was chocked to see only super good-looking people with professional pictures made of them. I thought “where are the regular people?”. I smelled a scam and made a search. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEWS!!! I am going to delete my account immediately. BEWARE PEOPLE! And as someone said “SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE FOR SUPPORTING A SCAM!!!”

Yourtravelmates.com Definitely scammers

Definitely scammers, fake photos, fake profiles. They are all meant to keep you there.

I posted a negative review on Yourtravelmates

Funny enough, they have contacted me after I posted a negative review but they didn’t bother to contact me (in 4 days now) about cancelling my membership. I have to mention that I have tried Messenger, WhatsApp, e-mail and “live chat”. How come the process is so complicated? So TravelMates, if you are actually genuine, stop misleading and ripping off people and cancel their subscription when THEY want, not when YOU want!

Feels like a scam on Yourtravelmates

I was excited to pay my monthly subscription but within less than 24hrs my credit was exhausted. They kept asking for me to purchase more credit. I feel like I was ripped off and I would like a refund since am unable to chat with anyone. I emailed you countless times with no reply. Worse site ever. And it was expensive too. Only demanding for me payment unlike other sites where you can chat for free and their monthly subscription is monthly not 24hrs. Then I saw some members are curated and using the site for free. How come I subscribed and am unable to use the site for free. Feels like a scam.

Just another scam site Yourtravelmates

Just another scam site I signed up for the site a month ago and I get nothing but scam messages please save yourself money and time don’t join the site.

Yourtravelmates.com is a fraud

Before running out of Credits the person using Yeimys pictures begged for a cactus emoji and It was a good thing I ran out in the nick of time. And on Flirt with just before the scammer logged out. There’s a possibility they stole some credits from me. And I can’t get them back. These people must be prosecuted and removed. Once Doctor Phil locates the victims from the videos or photos they would say they have been victimized themselves. For some reason the person using Yeimys profile logs out at 11:14 or 11;15pm. I’m tired of wasting my time talking to a random person behind the photo. Your Travel Mates Amolatina etc needs to be shut down as of now.

Scammer on Your Travel Mates

I ran out of Credits on Your Travel Mates and I get messages from Yeimy like how many profiles do you have then, on Flirt with she say Have you lost interest in me and on Datin.com she thinks I talk to other women on the site. I don’t because I only get the 20 freeby credits and I don’t want to go broke talking to a person who I can never see. I only talk to her about her long blonde hair and us having children together someday and her growing gray hair. Which she says I don’t have gray hair then she says I do have some gray hair growing and she says I use semi permanent blonde hair dye band six weeks is perfect to dye my hair. On Your Travel Mates, Flirt with, Saying.com and Hotti are the only dating sites she is active on. She is not active on Amolatina and Datemyage anymore. She is still Active On Latamdate, Latin feels, Love Fort LaDate and Funchatt. Plus I know those scammers talk to more than one person behind your back. And the scammer on Your Travel Mates Hotti, Flirt With, and Saying.com doesn’t like it when you have long messages basking a question or multiple questions. It because I don’t want to spend money just to chat more than once. And I only leave the chat to keep an eye on my credit balance of my freeby credits.

Really bad experience Yourtravelmates.com

Hi I’m sorry but this is a really bad experience. This morning I was rip off 40 US for some words only. Not even monthly payment here! You can’t leave your e-mail either. I talked to a man really looked swedish with a swedish name and living i Stockholm. That ok but he didn’t even speak swedish. Come on this is a scam. All men have top situtations and photographed by professionals. How can I ever no that it’s he is writing to me? I want my money back ASAP.

Full of fake accounts

Full of fake accounts was looking to possibly get in touch with people in Russia and make some friends but full of fake accounts and not worth paying for better account

Avoid Yourtravelmates scam

You are buried in computer generated messages, then you chat for days, months and years but no girl would reveal any contact details. They just string you along! If you like girls from Eastern Europe J4LDating.com is the site that really stands out. I used to meet awesome girls there and I went on vacation with one of them. Anyway, they have real women and they are better than YourTravelMates. Don’t get your hopes up because YourTravelMates girls flood you with chat requests and messages. This is how they make money. It’s just their job. They don’t have an intention to meet men and travel anywhere. I learned my fair share of lessons there. Do your wallet a favor and avoid this scam!

What a waste of both time and money

I subscribed for 1 month. I hid my profile after 2 weeks. Full of fake profiles and expired profiles. This site fills your inbox with bogus emails throughout the day. Pop ups constantly push you to buy further services. Their app is basic and not user friendly. 100s of men without smiles and you wonder if they even showered. Profiles lacked even basic information. My matches were never per my criteria!!!! Too many aged below 50. Search continually showed the same men. What a waste of both time and money.

Lots of scammers

What a terrible service. I signed up and paid for 3 months and cancelled on day 3. They give you fake profiles, send you “stock” messages from supposed admirers. Lots of scammers trying to get your private info.

A definite lack of substance

Customer service no where to be found, good luck if you need help except for your payment! A definite lack of substance.

Scam emails

I really wonder if there are any live bodies behind the portraits posted on this site. Few ever respond, although I’ve gotten a number of the scam emails trying to elicit a private email address and/or phone number. There is simply very little interaction with the “players,” which leads me to believe that members are simply cruising. Try Senior Match instead.

I need to get a refund

I have yet to have a match in the same state as where I live and not one of their so called matches will reply to me.When I requested a refund I received a runaround and still don’t have the information I need to get a refund from them.

Lots of fake profiles

Lots of fake profiles – mainly Russian girls who will ask you to email them rather than talking via the App – but beware of the fact that they will renew your contract when it comes to an end without your permission or any notification.

Customer Service do not respond

I cannot cancel my membership, and being billed. Others are too. Customer service and contacts do not answer. They billed my even though I requested cancellation. I cannot cancel, there is no option. Customer Service do not respond.

Absolutely disgusting

I wanted to try this site to see if it was any better than other platforms , However its no different to any free dating sites. I made contact to cancel my subscription after what I believed was a month subscription However was told I had an ongoing subscription 36 months. I then told them I didn’t want the subscription and so called customer service said your subscription is for 36 months if you cancel you still have to pay the subscription cost so pretty much bad luck ! So after trying the site which is beyond ordinary I also get charged $19.95 per month for Absolutely nothing. Absolutely disgusting that they are able to trick people into subscriptions and then say bad luck when the customer realises and tries to cancel subscription. DO NOT USE this site !!!!!!!!

It is terrible

It is terrible and will charge you money without you knowing. One has to manually go, find the option and disable it, otherwise one gets charged. As a new user it is impossible to know that this set-up is turned on by default. So, they are legally covered by having it on by default once you sign up and agree on the terms! So, be very careful! I was charged 60$ for not knowing that because I used some services, despite the fact that I had bought a premium service! The whole site does not allow you to use anything pretty much unless you pay. It’s a rip-off! Good luck!

Filled with fake profiles

Filled with fake profiles and now my account was hacked and someone has uploaded their pictures and email to my account, but have assumed my description and I’m paying for the subscription….good luck trying to get customer service to look into it. This site is dodgy as hell.

I do not recommend

From my perspective, I found this website to have some pretty ladies that “seemed” real, but a lot of fake profiles, out-of-date pictures, pictures that didn’t look like the person in the profile, and scam artists needing money for one reason or another. Some were very creative in their requests. Others had a complicated story before asking for money. While this site staff tries to verify users and profiles, they have missed the boat on a number of levels. Messaging is tied to having a subscription to hook you in. I also noted profiles from women going back 2-3 years being passed off a being “current”. I do not recommend this dating site.

Fake matches

Fake matches who are too good to be true and you don’t hear from them anyway or they ghost you. Fake matches who are trying to rip you off. Don’t waste you’re time or money.

I am so excited

I am so excited first on this website.The women are so pretty,More than that they are not like some good looking women who play hard-to-get.Most of girls on this site are easy going and nice.This really encourage me to chat them up!

I just love this website

I just love this website and I feel safe using it. I strongly recommend this site for all women who are also looking to make their dreams come true.

Great app

Great app, if you are truthful, honest, then your experience will be successful. I used the website for less than a month and found my soulmate, we dated for over three years and now we are married. I do really recommend this service.

Safe environment

Clearly defined stages of communication in what felt like a safe environment that helps you build a picture & make an informed decision on whether to take things further by exchanging contact details

Very pleased with the service

Very pleased with the service

Enjoyed my time on here

Enjoyed my time on here

The website have me a variety of person

The website have me a variety of person that best would be my match it was fun getting to know some new people amass making new friends.

This website was very informative

This website was very informative and lead me to a very different person than what I am used to. I would have never found this wonderful amazing lady if it had not been for this website.

A money grabbing site

A money grabbing site, have to pay at every turn. Site difficult to navigate.Very extremely dissatisfied!!!!!

Feels totally ripped off

Another person who feels totally ripped off, this whole website is fake and so are the profiles on it, you have to wonder how it hasn’t been shut down.

They will rip you off

BEWARE – They will rip you off. I did not set up automatic renewal and they still deducted the money and are FORCING me to maintain membership for another six months.

It doesn't even deserve one star

It doesn’t even deserve one star but you have to give that on here. Avoid like the plague.

No value for money.

Very extortionate no value for money.

Absolutely ridiculous place to date.

Absolutely ridiculous place to date. There are many profiles with the same pic but different names. Can’t delete my account, tried numerous times. DO NOT USE!!!

Too many rude people

In one evening I received 150 matches after doing a search. When I went through them all only 10 of them had been online recently. Too many rude people who don’t answer messages.

Yourtravelmates is a scam

Why do you match me with people who live more than a hundred miles away? Yourtravelmates is a scam. They purposely give you false matches, so they can keep on getting your money.

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