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One of the most baffling pieces of internet dating is the point at which you’re not totally certain about what you need. Assuming that you know the specific specialty, the specific sort of relationship, and the specific area of singles you need to meet — amazing. On the off chance that not, you’re stuck shuffling numerous dating locales to attempt to track down something that works for you.

As a general rule, this is senseless. Coming into web based dating with a receptive outlook checks out. Fortunately, Dating.com figures out this and is an invited option to the niched-down, laser-zeroed in choice as of now available.

Our Dating.com survey uncovered a site that takes special care of various types or connections, singles from all kinds of specialties, and, surprisingly, a worldwide energy with the capacity to meet singles locally or universally.

Yet, is it worth your time? Does it follow through on that commitment? Remain tuned for our Dating.com audit as we assist with responding to those questions for the last time.


Dating.com – The Reality Front and center

Quite possibly of the coolest thing that stood apart to us about Dating.com was its really global style. At the point when you initial sign into your record and set your area, you’ll see a sound blend of singles from your city yet in addition from everywhere the world!

In the event that you’re searching for a wide assortment, you’ll cherish this. Also, in the event that you’re just searching for individuals up close and personal, you can get that too by setting your hunt boundaries. Having that adaptability in the two directions is simply great.

The application likewise has some live video capabilities where clients can transfer themselves with a discussion channel (called communicates), which is exceptional (in the tomfoolery and clean domain). The site likewise works on a credit-type framework, which is somewhat unique in relation to the customary membership model, which is pleasant with the goal that you can spend where you need to visit, read messages, send gifts, and then some.


Generally, we’re devotees of Dating.com and think in any event it’s worth you looking at it.

Greatest Star – Loads of clients locally and from one side of the planet to the other; one of a kind dating experience worth looking at

Greatest Downside – A few deficient records to a great extent

In the event that the site appears to be a solid match, feel free to try it out. In the event that you don’t as yet know, we’d welcome you to peruse on and look at our total Dating.com survey connected underneath.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dating.com Dating Application


  • com has a truly enormous and wide-crossing client base.
  • You can get a Dating.com application for Android or IOS.
  • There are some fascinating profile highlights we haven’t seen previously.


  • com is respectably more costly to use than other dating applications.
  • The stage has somewhat of an issue with counterfeit profiles.
  • The elements accessible on the free profile are exceptionally restricted.


Who Dating.com Is Great For

The individuals who need to have the option to change their dating goals consistently.

Singles who like to send cash on unambiguous highlights versus a general enrollment.

Those hoping to stay away from an exhausting sign up process/confirmation prerequisites.

Who Dating.com Probably won’t Be Best For

The people who incline toward destinations that require photograph or live visit confirmation for accounts.

Singles searching for a simply free dating application.

The people who favor a solitary participation expense to an in-application money approach

Quick Realities About Dating.com

  • Site Name: Dating.com
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a restricted free choices
  • Normal Sign-Up Time: < 5 minutes
  • Paid Enrollment Estimating: Tokens beginning at around $0.20 a piece
  • One of a kind Dating.com Raw numbers
  • com has north of 73-million enlisted clients.
  • The site and its applications are accessible to singles in 32 nations.
  • The application has a 4-star rating and north of 59,000 surveys on Google Play.


The application has a 3.4-star rating on the Apple Application Store.

Dating.com Highlights Outline

Dating.com isn’t especially immersed with highlights. Nonetheless, this will in general be gainful to their installment framework, which includes using credits for activities. You would have no desire to need to pay for twelve extra elements, so they keep the stage a piece moderate.

Try not to give that fool you access to thinking Dating.com doesn’t bring anything to the table!

We found a couple of more modest highlights that we truly appreciate!

Today I’m With regards to dating applications that length relaxed and serious dating, we realize that search settings have a significant effect. While the breakdown of quest channels for the actual singles are fundamental, we truly like the settings with respect to what you’re searching for.

Assuming your dating objectives will generally change in view of your temperament, you don’t have to hop into your settings and change your whole profile. You can switch between your expectations right on the pursuit page with the “today I’m” channel.

You can change the slider to pick whether you are searching for a friend through correspondence, searching for something serious, feeling a piece coquettish, feeling devious, or looking for sentiment. This limits your pursuit down to others feeling the same way, which makes the outcomes quite a lot more pertinent!

Video Talk

You could think having video talk usefulness is an easy decision for present day dating, yet you would be stunned the number of stages that offer no such element! Dating.com realizes that gathering over video visit is the most effective way to guarantee you have a genuine individual on the opposite finish of the computerized line.

Incorporated video visit is superior to changing to Skype or another application for talking since you can keep your own contact data out of the hands of outsiders.


Sending presents to your matches is a pleasant method for overcoming any barrier between computerized sentiment and certifiable connections. You can spend your credits on gifts accessible in the “presents” part of the site and pick one to send straightforwardly to the doorstep of your match.

Truth be told, these aren’t computerized gifts. These are things that appear, in actuality, for your match. The things shift in view of what Dating.com has accessible, however they can go from roses to little gift things and even chocolates or different treats.

Global Dating

This isn’t exactly a promoted highlight, yet it is certainly an advantage. With Dating.com being accessible in such countless nations, it makes for an extraordinary spot to meet individuals from different nations, whether you are searching for sentiment or simply a friend through correspondence. We particularly love this element for those venturing out to unfamiliar regions and requiring nearby companions to assist them with adapting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are going to choose a free or paid dating service of a dating site. You first need to know a few things about the same. Thus, you shouldn’t forget going through frequently asked questions. So, let’s check out a few FAQs of this dating site.

Can I enjoy live video chat or video calling at dating.com?

Of course, you can easily enjoy direct messaging, live chat and video call facility at dating.com website. But for this, you need to go with a paid premium dating service.

Do I need to pay a fixed charge as dating membership fee?

No, you don’t need to pay a fixed charge as a dating membership fee. Instead, you need to pay for dating service that you may use while dating online.

Can I find real profiles of men and women online for dating?

Dating.com is known for providing lots of profiles of real men and women online for dating.

How to recognize a fake dating profile?

Go through the profile, personal and other details of your chosen member online. You may also avoid going with a free member.

Website: https://www.dating.com

Phone Number: +1 (888) 980-9770

Address: 589 8th Avenue New York,
NY, United States

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Don't waste you money on this site

Don’t waste you money on this site, they should be reported to the BBB and maybe taken to court for their business practices. If they had any sense of decency they would give me my money back, but we all know that wont happen. Spread the word that this site is junk, to help others not waste their money on it.


So, if you are looking for real love, a partner, or even a real person looking for someone else. THEN STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. This app is only for porno site commercials. Nothing real here. Choose a different website.

Avoid at all costs

They try to get extra money for what other sites include in the basic package. Your preferences for potential partners are ignored unless you pay more. You do not know if your messages have been opened unless you pay. Avoid at all costs.

It is a semi waste of money

It is a semi waste of money. They don’t really do any matches, it is really just going through tons of pictures, some of which are not even registered with the site.

Total waste of time and money

Run from this site it is a total waste of time and money

Very disappointed

I have paid for 6 month premium package. Very disappointed, have encountered fake profiles and scammers several times. So thankful I have a keen sense of those who set out to try to get you to leave site so they can trick you into sending money.

Don't waste your time.

Don’t waste your time. This site is offering up singles that do not even live close to me. This morning I got a match that lived 366 miles away. Most of the matches that how up are in states next to mine. I cancelled.

Never come here.

These guys do not protect your privacy and they don’t refund money. Worst experience ever. Total rip. Never come here.

Worst Website

This site contains many blurred photos, the same photo with different names and is an easy door to scammers. They make it virtually impossible to cancel yet have easy access to your bank. Its a one way road in their favour. I have received threatening emails when they couldn’t get the last lot of money,threatening the use of debt collection.

Do not join

No such thing as a cooling off period or 3 day cancellation if you live in Australia. Do not join or you will 100% pay the rest of your subscription no matter when you try to cancel (which is already not simple to do)

They are money robbing

They are money robbing new investors sabotaging the site with there high number of members just to try and get super rich …no one users it..it’s pretty much dead now and the price of coins triples every time I download app lol it use to be free with ads … it was great in early years ..new investors/owners ruined it

Showcase of fake photos

The site is very creative when it comes to the methods for getting your bucks. Better find other avenues.Their only flaw is ladies are overseas and you have to travel there. That was the only thing that made me hesitant at first. On the other hand, those trips always gave me the experience of a lifetime. The ladies were super hot: little black dress, Gucci aroma, high heels and lace lingerie type of women. Hot and REAL!! I hope they keep on rocking the game, so that next time I travel there I will finally pick up my wife – I’m determined to get married this year. I should have not wasted money on this site because of my impatience. These phony lame sites make you act out of impulse. All they can offer is a showcase of fake photos.

Stay away

Thought i was signing up for 1 month and going month to month but now stuck with 12 month membership i can’t get out of. Stay away from them as you get very limited contacts anyway probably better off on another sight.

Call support to cancel

I sign up . Keep sending messages away. I can see the other members read the message and online but never get a reply. Call support to cancel they advised it too late

I am thankful

Enjoy the process and you will find one that fits the bill. Meeting, dating then marrying is a big commitment. I am thankful. Cheers and good luck to people, keep your hopes up.

Extremely happy

Extremely happy that I found this site, had heard a lot about it that you can find girls who are looking for dating. My experience has been much better then I expected highly rated thumbs up.

Enjoyed a couple of nice dates

Was so pleased with most of the matches that I used to receive every day, although I must admit the majority of them were completely not my ideal match. Enjoyed a couple of nice dates with some really good souls.

I have recommended this site

I have recommended this site to friends. It gives an opportunity to meet people that would otherwise not have been possible.

Nice site

Nice site, nice girls, good job everyone. I’ll recommend to my friends but first want to be sure it’s not a scam. I registered yesterday so didn’t chat with girls yet but for now looks ok. I’m waiting for emails.

It has great features

There are so many various cool websites, but this one stands out due to many factors. It has great features and girls here are just the best. I had a ton of great responses. All I needed to do is add a couple of photos of myself. This was and still is a great experience. I definitely recommend everyone.

Thanks for everything!

Thanks for everything!! My experience has been great and it really worked I’m very pleased with the woman I met thanks a million!!

Thanks for everything!

Thanks for everything!!my experience has been great and it really worked I’m very pleased with the woman I met thanks a million!!

I want my money back!

Second dating app I’ve used and it is simply a confusing money-making ripoff. The messaging within the app appears to be one way only. I liked someone as was told they liked me. I messaged them and did not receive a reply. I want my money back!

Crap app

You cannot message anyone or read messages or use this application unless you pay! Crap app! Not spending my money without a probationary trial period first!

let alone login!!!

So I have not been able to get into the website since i paid for 3 months upfront, let alone login!!!

Avoid, it’s terrible

Avoid, it’s terrible

Top expensive.

This site is so over the top expensive.


It’s fake, they looked like they have employees of females to attract men to stay paying for everything, one of them should talk to you and attract you to only end your credits to refill them again and again. NO REAL DATING, it’s all FAKE

Dating.com is a classic scam dating site

“It’s a classic scam dating site trying to rip you off. When you create your free profile, Dating.com use bots to bombard your mailbox, with mails etc. from attractive women. It’s ofc only possible to read the mails if you buy a membership. Surprisingly the mails are most from bots or fake profiles.
It’s my clear impression, that only a few real and serious women are active – the majority are fake or scammers ”

Dating.com is is awful

Am I glad I only signed up for one month. This site is awful. You get a notice that someone wants to meet you and you are only given a photo to base your response by. No link to the profile or any other means of gaining access to their profile. After you pay your membership you find out to have to keep paying more and more ongoing just to get viewed. Matches are with others who live prohibitive distances away and no attention at all is given to who might actually be suitable. Lastly it is necessary to pay one months membership before you can find out that the mechanics of this site make it impossible to work.

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