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How to Say I Love You Without Saying “I Love You”?

Simple in its syntax, but complex in its implications, How to Say I Love You is perhaps the most difficult to pronounce in the French language! If these three words have a lot of meaning, it is not always easy to formulate them aloud (even if we still think quietly…). So, here are some ideas to (well) get the message across without ambiguity!

The “ eye contact ”

To say it with the eyes is the most beautiful of languages. If your YourLatinMates gaze merges with the bottom of the pool, don’t hesitate to use it to say “I love you”…

Make your clothes talk

Your clothes are your best weapons for sending subliminal messages, especially in the vocabulary of love. The message T-shirt, and even the colors, can say a lot about your state of mind in the relationship. Don’t overdo it with little hearts and sentimental marshmallows. The finer and sharper it is regarding the connection that connects you, the better!

Introduce all your friends

The presentation to his friends is a beautiful proof of love and does not require any words to say it, a presence is enough. The complicity must act by itself. To realize if your pride is your couple…

How to Say I Love You Without Saying I Love You

Leave space in the closet

The place that one grants to his other half for his personal affairs reveals a lot of the unconscious nature of your relationship. If your things are rubbing shoulders in the closet and your toothbrushes are having a one-on-one, you can rest easy. Love is in the air…

Send a bunch of text messages

Don’t launch a military offensive either, but don’t deprive yourself of sending YourLatinMates.Com little thoughts of the day or your best photos by MMS (“ Hey, a couple of pigeons cooing in the street: it’s so us ! » or even « Look, I saved you half of my cookie-heart… » ) .

Make a post-it path to the bedroom…How to Say I Love You

While he (or she) is taking a shower, one can notably take the opportunity to undermine the terrain of dozens of post-its walking towards the bedroom. Each small colored square can be a message of love, or else an arrow indicating the direction. Upstairs in the bedroom, you wait completely naked with the last 3 little pieces of paper trying, despite everything, to hide your nudity (unsuccessfully)!

Prepare a cappuccino with a heart-shaped foam

More technical, this trick requires a little preliminary preparation before getting the hang of it! A small milk frother will do the trick perfectly to transform your daily coffees with your darling into exceptional moments! You will be on a cloud (of milk)!

The shot of the mirror – How to Say I Love You

Very easy, the trick of the mirror can be practiced anywhere (at home, in the street, in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles). This consists of getting closer to your partner by embracing him by surprise near a mirror and saying: ” Look, it’s us… “. We repeat: a look is worth a thousand words!

Let go of the remote control

Are you ready to sacrifice your evening football match or that replay of an old episode of Sex & the City that has been ostentatiously catching your eye for a while ? If so, consider that each time you leave control of the television to your partner, it is equivalent to sending a beautiful message of love like: ” You like to watch crap, but I like you like that… “.

Buy your favorite sweet treat – How to Say I Love You

Foodie , is he/she fond of Kinder Surprise/Bueno/Country? When you go shopping, thinking about bringing back a little souvenir for your darling is in itself a way of saying I love you without having to pronounce it! And it definitely works! Love is a bit like children, it can be bought with sweets!

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Otherwise, to say I love you (without saying I love you) there are always other options like, pell-mell: breakfast in bed, a foot massage, posting your favorite song on his profile, send a letter (in the old fashioned way), a dedication of a song on the radio, and for the most daring: send his underwear by post! Chick?

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