“We enter the different ages of our lives, Marry A Foreigner like newborns, with no experience behind us, no matter how old we are.” François La Rochefoucauld. It is no secret for most mature women that over time, not only in real, “offline” life, but also on international dating sites, it can be difficult to meet the right man for relationships and starting a family. However, this does not mean Marry A Foreigner that happiness with a foreigner husband in adulthood will remain an unattainable dream.

Today we would like to dwell on this topic in more detail and talk about the criteria that are important for a successful acquaintance with a foreigner, give some tips for mature women that will help them: evaluate and increase their chances of meeting a foreigner, and protect themselves from dishonest personalities.


Spectacular photographs attract the attention of foreign gentlemen

more than ordinary or unsuccessful shots. Important components of a successful photo for a profile on an international dating site: a well-groomed appearance (make-up and beautifully styled hair), elegant clothes that emphasise the dignity of the figure, and a smile! We talked in detail about how to increase your chances of meeting an interesting foreigner by successfully choosing photos for the profile in the article “Dating foreigners: how to choose the right photo?” .

Proficiency in English or German greatly increases the chance of meeting an interesting man. Most mature foreign gentlemen would like to be able to talk freely with their chosen one. For this reason, the decision to meet is partly based on the data regarding the language skills that the lady indicated in her profile on the dating site. We have already touched on the importance of learning a foreign language for women who want to marry a foreigner in the article “When to start learning a foreign language: before or after meeting a foreigner?” .
We are quite sceptical about such arguments as: “if a European wants to meet a Russian woman, he must learn Russian himself” – we are rather sceptical. There are several simple reasons for this:

Russian is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn.

It will take years to master it at an acceptable level for communication. Why might a European need knowledge of the Russian language? Only for communication with Slavic women. After all, if a European decided to marry a Slavic woman, he would not want to move to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus , but rather want his wife to live with him in Europe. In addition, foreigners who speak Russian will always have an extensive social circle on an international dating site.

Learning a foreign language by a woman is self-development and a step towards meeting and marrying a foreigner. Many foreign gentlemen are more willing to respond to letters from women who speak foreign languages, albeit not perfectly.

Having married a foreigner who speaks Russian,

it will be more difficult for a woman to master the language of the country she will move to and integrate into society. After all, all conversations with her husband, all home conversations, will be conducted in Russian. The processes of integration and mastering a new language are carried out individually. With age, it becomes more difficult to learn a foreign language and adapt to new living conditions. A woman’s motivation to overcome the language barrier and integrate into a new society , when she can communicate freely every day in her native language, will be minimal. triptogether

Of course, you can marry a foreigner without knowing a foreign language. However, we would like our lovely ladies not to wait for a miracle, but to act and, thanks to their own efforts. have more chances of success, have the opportunity to communicate with different men and choose, and not wait for a happy coincidence.

Women who can write to a man first communicate with a large number of interesting gentlemen. And more often achieve the desired results. About why you should not be embarrass to write to men first. About the positive results that. The women’s initiative brings, is described in detail in the article: “3 reasons why you should start writing to men first” .

Being realistic about the man you would like to meet.

Helps you not to waste your own time and feelings. Over time, it becomes difficult to meet a man of the same age. One of the reasons is that many mature Europeans still want to have children. For this reason, they are looking for a woman who will be ready. for the birth of joint children: both morally and physically. In this regard, you should not be “afraid” of the age of a man.

In Europe, there is a favorable ecological situation, a high level of quality in the provision of medical services. As a result, the life expectancy of the population is also high. Many men do not look their age, are in good physical shape, mentally healthy. And remain men in a physiological sense for a long time. Many Europeans after 50 do not want to have children in. The future and are looking for a woman. Who will become their life partner, a caring, wise and understanding partner, a woman with life experience,

Important are such personal qualities as patience and perseverance.

Life is unpredictable, today you are depressed and ready to put up with loneliness, and tomorrow you can meet your man. We would like to point out that finding a life partner, whether through a dating site, marriage agency or girlfriends, takes time and patience! How long should it take to meet a decent man on an international dating site? This question cannot be answered! It is important to believe in yourself and the chosen path, that you can and deserve to meet a loving and caring man, and continue to look for him! Maybe your paths haven’t crossed yet.

When meeting on the Internet, you should be careful and continue to look at things realistically. As a rule, it is women in adulthood, with unsuccessful photographs in the profile, who become victims of Internet scammers. This happens on free dating sites where user profiles are not verified. Impressive, often even young, foreign “suitors” promise gullible and sincere women love and material well-being. The age difference in such cases does not matter for the gentleman. He tries to make the woman feel chosen and unique, to charm her with beautiful words. Loud promises and in a short time to achieve warm feelings on her part.

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However, on the way such “love” always there is an “obstacle”.

Which the lady is invited to solve with the help of a certain amount of money. In such situations, one should not be afraid to ask advice from a friend. Daughter, or other third party. It is easier for a person from the outside to assess. The current situation and understand if the stately gentleman is gradually “pulling out” material resources from a gullible woman.

In conclusion, we would like to note that each person decides for himself whether age will become. An obstacle for him on the way to. The desired goal or an assistant in achieving it, and quote. The words of the American writer Gertrude Stein: “Inside ourselves, we are all the same age .

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