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What Flowers for Valentines Day?

The most famous flower of love is the red rose, which we have already written about in previous articles. It means true and passionate love, which is why it is so eagerly chosen on the occasion of the Valentines Day. However, roses are not the only flowers with which we can express our YourChristianDate.com thoughts and feelings to another person. It is worth getting acquainted with their symbolism to know what bouquet to give to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and to correctly read what the other person wants to tell us.

The Second Most Popular Bouquet

For Valentine’s Day is the one made of red tulips. In the language of flowers, a tulip expresses the joy of being with another person and in this particular color it is read similarly to a red rose. Give these flowers yellow in color should be avoided as they may be perceived as an expression of jealousy and bad intentions. However, the negative meaning of yellow tulips disappears as soon as we combine this color with others.

If we want to express our sympathy, sincere and pure intentions and serious intentions towards her, let us give her lilies. This flower is one of the most ambiguous and it owes its rich symbolism to antiquity. In Greece, it was associated with fertility. It is also a common theme in YourChristianDate Christian art, where it is identified with the Virgin Mary – that is, virginity, purity and innocence.

What Flowers for Valentines Day  Zoosk Review 2022

To Express our Willingness – Valentines Day

To stay friends with another person, give them forget-me-nots. As the name of the flower implies, we say: “Don’t forget me!” A person who receives a bouquet of forget-me-nots will read. It as a desire to develop an acquaintance, closeness in a friendship or relationship. It is perfect for people who want to show. The other person in a modest way that they are faithful and reliable. They carry a lot of positive energy and are perfect for people. Who have recently started their relationship.

Another beautiful flower with which we can express our feelings is freesia. It symbolizes respect and admiration for the other person. A bouquet of freesias is an expression of the joy. That we can be with another person. It can also be treated as an invitation to flirt. Which may turn into a long relationship. Depending on the color, they can have several meanings. Choose white if we want to say “I only want to be with you” and red to express. Our joy of having another person. A bouquet consisting of many colors will also work great.

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Regardless of which flower we choose, our sweetheart will surely be pleased with our gift. If we have doubts as to whether our intentions will be read correctly, it is worth adding a note to the bouquet in which we will write a few words about our feelings.

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